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This moment in time

Today, after a meeting I asked for an opportunity to take a picture with the former President of South Africa, Mr Kgalema Motlanthe and the European Union's Ambassador to South Africa, Dr Marcus Cornaro.

This moment was huge for me, for this reason;

If someone had told me when I was a township teenager going to school at an under-resourced and overcrowded high school and working as a gardener in the same houses my mother worked as domestic, that one day I will take a picture with great people, I honestly wouldn't have believed it.

If they had told me this when I was computer illiterate for the first three months at University, I wouldn't have believed it. And on that same three months I was dumped by a sponsor for my tuition fees and subsequently was left without textbooks, or when I had to attend four classes with one exam pad, or when I had to stay on Campus until evening doing assignments because I didn't have a computer at home and then afterwards I had to walk over 8km at night because there were no taxis from town to the township. God knows I would have given them a slap in the face for selling me hope and another for being unrealistic.

When I was going through suicidal depression. If they had told me that one day I will share a picture with these men, I would have probably cursed them out for talking nonsense.

If they had said this in the week before my graduation day when I had to borrow a suit from a pastor friend and loan money from a classmate just to buy shoes for the graduation ceremony. I would have honestly just nodded my head and kept moving.

But this picture is not about me, neither is it about the great and amazing men standing with me. It's about you.

Yes, you.

I realise that God has sent me ahead, for someone to know and see how it looks like to go through the most in life and what happens when you don't quit. Right before you think, I think too much of myself. I am honest enough to admit, that I am a messed up believer but I am also cognizant of the fact that God still keeps His hand on me. 

I want you when you look at that picture, to see a visual representation that God sees you and the unique circumstances surrounding your life. If he can see a kid who, for the most part of his life, grew up wearing hand-me-down clothes that his mother got from her employers. Then He can see you too. If He cannot give up on a certain Anele, then He definitely will not give up on you.

Let it remind you that you are not your condition neither are you the period in time that you are going through. You are an exceptional, appointed and amazingly gifted individual undergoing character construction.

To you who feels like, "yeah, yeah sure. Whatever." Please pass this on and watch it help someone else. But to the rest of us, the anomalies. We believe that the sky is never the limit.

Written 13 March 2018

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