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Celebrate the successes of others


It is often said that one picture can say a thousand words. I've decided to borrow a few of those words and use them to reflect on what came to mind when I saw this picture below. 

I don't need to be a soccer fanatic to know that it cannot be argued that Neymar is one of the most talented footballers in the world. Likewise, he tends to get himself in somewhat controversial and humorous situations at times. 

In this picture, Neymar's fellow player is celebrated by others for whatever reason. Anyway with that said, this is what crossed my mind when I saw this picture on Instagram. 

We must learn to celebrate other people's successes no matter how small or trivial they may be. It's not about you or myself, it's about them and their moment.

Don't look like Neymar and wish it was you they were celebrating.

Don't wish it could have been better if they had asked for your opinion or better yet asked you to get you involved.

You may be talented but you are not everything. Just don't be that guy who is happy when things fail because of no one asked for your "greatness" to help. That's narcissism and narcissistic individuals are annoying.

Don't scrutinize unless your opinion/scrutiny has been requested. When it is asked try to give a healed perspective. People know the difference between an objective perspective and a negative comment coming from an envious heart.

People also know the difference between constructive criticism and using pessimism to destroy with the intent to rebuild according to your narrative.

But really now, you shouldn't be like Neymar. 

Well, for starters, celebrating other people's successes without making it about you says something about your emotional maturity. Talent does not make up for what's lacking in character.

Celebrating others without using their moment to elevate yourself or your talents says that you are secure within yourself. You know who you really are not just what you say you are. Lastly, celebrating others without trying to shine on their shine is a seed to your own moment.

What comes around goes around. No, wait! What goes around comes around. Anyways, all I am saying to you is that whether you believe in karma, the boomerang effect or reaping what you sow. Whatever seeds you sow, remember, they never leave your life they only leave your hands, mind and mouth.

Sow carefully.

First Published 8 October 2018

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